This Thursday… Leaflets!

Thanks to everyone who came last week to the Thursday VFX lunchtime meet up!

Wow – This is really taking off! There were some terrific regulars who showed up and a whole lot of new faces too! Great to meet new vfx people who care about the issues that we all think are important to the visual effects industry here in London and all over the world.

Unpaid overtime is still the number one talking point for everybody at the meetup, so this Thursday, be sure to show up because we’ll be passing out some leaflets about this big issue. Everybody who comes along for the Thursday lunchtime meetup can take away a stack of these leaflets to pass out to friends and colleagues. And THAT my friend, is what’s called action!


So why not grab some grub and shoot the breeze this Thursday with some other vfx people who want to change things for the better!

Thursday 1:00-2:00pm
St. Anne’s Churchyard
Wardour Street (nr. Shaftesbury Avenue)
Look for the green flag!

Slowly but surely, visual effects people here in London are beginning to realise that this ain’t gonna happen all by itself. We ALL need to get involved and make a difference or we will never move forward.

Spread the word… bring a friend…

See you there!

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