Pensions and VFX

As a VFX worker, have you ever thought about what it will be like when you reach the age of 67? Will your pension be enough for you to live on? Will your health still allow you to work 70 hours a week to deliver the latest instalment of your grandchildren’s favourite superhero movie? And will it still be OK if you only get paid for 40 out of those 70 hours?

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Fantastic Beasts but where to find Crew Credits?

Once again many hard working vfx workers were unfortunately excluded from the latest VFX blockbuster hit “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”  The film, in its third weekend, has dominated the box office for Warner Brothers and has earned a massive $608M globally. Yet that money is not enough to convince Warner Brothers to include all the names of those who worked to create a land of magic and creatures entirely in CG.

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No Credit? Star Trek’s Beyond leaves two-thirds of VFX Artists off end Credits.

It’s official. Star Trek’s opening weekend Box Office pulled in around $182 million coinciding with the franchise’s 50th anniversary. One of the heaviest Visual Effects films of the summer, it’s no surprise that the VFX community here in London pulled off awe-inspiring visuals for this blockbuster, but artists expecting a bit of starlight and Hollywood spectacle are likely to be disappointed.  We’ve heard that two-thirds of the hardworking individuals for this film didn’t get the opportunity to see their name on the big screen.

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VFX News

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VFX Union members and non members alike are invited for an opportunity to hear about all our work over the past year, to discuss and to give feedback, and to have your say on where the VFX branch should focus its efforts next.

We’re in the middle of a Visual Effects Industry Revolution! Our membership has exploded by over 500% in the last year and we need you to keep pushing this amazing momentum forward. If you’re not a member, come along and find out what the visual effects union is all about! If you’re already a member, bring a friend or two!

We’ll be talking about all the work that the VFX Branch has done over the past year, and what the coming year might hold. There’ll be an opportunity for questions and feedback from the floor. This will be followed by a talk about the EU Referendum and the likely effects on the vfx industry in the case of a “leave” vote.

Non members can join the union on the night and there will be a special members only voting session at the end of the event to elect branch officers and decide our priorities for 2016-17. Sign up to attend here:

VFX Union Mass Meeting

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