VFX’s Annual General Meeting

The Most Important VFX Meeting of the Year!

  • It’s your time to decide. Come to our Annual General Meeting next Wednesday and hear about what BREXIT could mean for VFX.
  • Vote and decide on next year’s important issues and choose who represents you as committee members.
  • Most importantly help lead the discussion and become one of the committee members yourself!

All VFX employees welcome! All you have to do is sign-up HERE

To nominate yourself or another union member for the committee please email all nominations to Paul Evans <pevans@bectu.org.uk> by 5pm on June 19. All positions open for nominations and vote including: Branch Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Communications or just general committee member.

VFX Union Mass Meeting – 22nd June!



Regents Hall 275 Oxford Street W1C 2 DJ

7:00pm – Wednesday, 22nd June 2016


VFX Union members and non members alike are invited for an opportunity to hear about all our work over the past year, to discuss and to give feedback, and to have your say on where the VFX branch should focus its efforts next.

We’re in the middle of a Visual Effects Industry Revolution! Our membership has exploded by over 500% in the last year and we need you to keep pushing this amazing momentum forward. If you’re not a member, come along and find out what the visual effects union is all about! If you’re already a member, bring a friend or two!

We’ll be talking about all the work that the VFX Branch has done over the past year, and what the coming year might hold. There’ll be an opportunity for questions and feedback from the floor. This will be followed by a talk about the EU Referendum and the likely effects on the vfx industry in the case of a “leave” vote.

Non members can join the union on the night and there will be a special members only voting session at the end of the event to elect branch officers and decide our priorities for 2016-17.

Please sign up to attend here:

VFX Union Mass Meeting


VFX News

Visual Effects News and Stories from Around the Web


Pressure on VFX firms to locate in tax havens

Visual effects firms are under continuing pressure from production companies and studios to locate in parts of the world that offer the best tax credits, according to a panel discussion at last week’s Media Production Show in London.

The Worst Movie Effects Ever Compilation

Cringeworthy fun video! Apologies in advance if some of your work appears on it!

Here’s What Cast and Crew Really Earn on a $200 Million Blockbuster Budget

In the video below, Vanity Fair estimates the breakdown of a $200 million blockbuster. Unsurprisingly, above-the-line talent scores the biggest paycheck; Lead Actors 1, 2, and 3 comprise 9% of the film’s entire budget. But the director, producers, editor, DP, and lead writers don’t fare too badly, either, each earning $1 million or above.

Movie Review: ‘Warcraft’ Will Transport You With Masterful Visual Effects

‘Warcraft’ Movie Review by, Pamela Price – LATF USA From ‘Resident Evil’ to ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,’ video game franchises have seen their fair …

Here’s how the new ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ movie looks without visual effects

Visual effects were used to bring the turtles to life. Paramount Pictures released a featurette Tuesday afternoon showing off exactly how the quad looks …

Will CGI Overkill Doom ‘Warcraft’ at the Box Office?

But the meticulousness of the CGI—Jones created 2,000 visual effects shots and the audience gets to view the orcs’ facial countenances in full …

Stanley Kubrick’s Special Effects Guy Helped Make This Indie Sci-Fi Thriller Possible

How would you describe your approach to the visual effects? I wanted to have a tactile and a visceral experience of space. I didn’t want to use …

Core California FX Companies Find Success Despite Exodus of Many Rivals

It’s hard to think of visual effects without thinking of California. The rise of the modern VFX industry owes a huge debt to the talents of Golden State …

The Women Who are Changing Animation, One of Hollywood’s Most Sexist Industries 

Despite growing numbers of women studying and working in animation, creative leadership is still a man’s world. Women In Animation is going to change that.

Storyboard Artist Accuses ‘Chipmunks’ Maker Bagdasarian Productions Of Unethical Behavior

Johnson said that she’d brought the issue to the attention of the Animation Guild Local 839, but because Bagdasarian Productions is not a signatory facility, the union is powerless to pursue the issue.

Blackmagic Design Announces Fusion 8.1 Update

Fusion Connect for Avid lets editors work on their own visual effects and motion graphics or, when they’re on shared storage, they can collaborate with …

This awesome visual effects breakdown shows all the crazy details that went into making ‘Deadpool’

While the visual effects might not look as flashy as those in, say, “Captain America: Civil War,” it took a lot of work to bring “Deadpool” to life. Rodeo FX …

Preparing Children With Autism For Careers in The Visual Effects & Animation Industries

Since the studio opened less than two years ago, it has completed animation or visual effects and end title projects for more than 50 productions, …

Rising Sun Pictures Extends its Mastery Over Time in “X-Men: Apocalypse”

The visual effects studio contributed to several key sequences in the film, most notably an electrifying scene where Quicksilver (Evan Peters) uses his …


Come along to our weekly Thursday VFX Lunchmeet

Every Thursday from 1-2pm at the Jurassic Church (St. Anne’s Churchyard, Wardour Street – nr. Shatesbury Avenue) Grab a sandwich or some sushi, sit on the grass, soak up a little sunshine and chat about what’s happening in the world of London VFX – look for the green flag!

1:00-2:00pm every Thursday

The Jurassic Church

(St. Anne’s churchyard, Wardour Street – near Shaftesbury Avenue)

Unions: Raising The Bar

“Unions have a spillover effect that helps the entire middle class. When employers perceive that unions could possibly organize their workforce, they deliberately keep wages and benefits close to union wages and benefits, in order to keep the union out of their workforce. This spillover effect is a clear example of how unions benefit even those who are not covered by a union contract.”

— Lawrence Mishel, President, Economic Policy Institute

via Unions 4 Workers

The UK VFX industry and Brexit

Facts, not appeals to emotion

Tony Lennon, BECTU research officer, recently outlined the implications for the UK entertainment industries of any vote to leave the EU. The recording of that talk is below.

The bottom line is that if the UK votes to leave the EU, this could have a devastating effect on Film, TV and Theatre production – especially VFX. The London Visual Effects workforce relies heavily on people from the EU and the free movement between member states.

Take some time to listen to this, it is important information about Leave vs. Remain for anyone working in the VFX industry here in the the UK.

VFX News

Visual Effects News and Stories from Around the Web

Women, are you Game to Work as Animators ?

It is not just engineering that gives you a job, there are opportunities in visual effectsfor films and advertisements, 3D animation for 3D films and video …

Here’s how visual effects artists turn Jennifer Lawrence into Mystique in the ‘X-Men’ movies

The character’s creation involves a lot of work from the visual effects team. In 2014, Digital Domain, one of the visual effects companies that worked on …

Film Review: ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows’

… visual effects supervisor, Pablo Helman; visual effects producers, Crystal Dowd, Susan Greenhow; visual effects, Industrial Light & Magic, Ghost VFX …

Creative Arts Emmy Visual Effects Contenders Wow Viewers with Mind-Bending Images

As the golden age of television continues, so does an era of spectacular visualeffects for the small screen aimed at creating a theatrical-level …

The art of visual effects

Sloan is in town to participate in a couple of Q&A sessions as part of EffectsMTL 2016, the largest visual effects and animation conference on the East …

Florida to get $5M back from $20M investment in failed visual effects studio

After sinking $20 million in to failed visual effects film studio Digital Domain, Florida will only get back a small portion of their investment.

Top 50 Films That Catapulted Visual Effects Into A New Era

Do visual effects in films today all look the same to you? Is there one movie in recent memory that stands out and says, “That was a visual masterpiece.

‘Taking Earth’: A Sci-fi film with stunning visual effects delivered on a limited budget

In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, Australia Director Grant Humphreys talked about the visual effects and other aspects of the …


Come along to our weekly Thursday VFX Lunchmeet

Every Thursday from 1-2pm at the Jurassic Church (St. Anne’s Churchyard, Wardour Street – nr. Shatesbury Avenue) Grab a sandwich or some sushi, sit on the grass, soak up a little sunshine and chat about what’s happening in the world of London VFX – look for the green flag!

1:00-2:00pm every Thursday

The Jurassic Church

(St. Anne’s, Wardour Street – nr. Shaftesbury Avenue)