VFX Soldier Blog Highlights Sexism in VFX

A new guest post on the VFX Soldier blog takes a look at sexist discrimination in the visual effects workplace and the negative effects it’s having on women in the industry.

…one thing I have struggled with over the past few years, is a select number of people who have made me feel very unwelcome as I’ve progressed in my role. There are several notable times that I will never forget, in which I have been patronised in front of supervisors, had my ideas brushed off bluntly in meetings, been excluded from lunches, had handshakes rejected (yep, seriously), and even had one interviewer completely avoid eye contact with me. This may seem like a bit of antisocial behaviour from a few individuals, but it always sticks with you when you realise that the behaviour is aimed towards only YOU, whilst surrounded by a team of guys.

While the author does point out that she has worked with many who are supportive, she makes the case that there is a lot of unchecked sexism in the vfx workplace that people are still getting away with.

I have a few good female friends in the industry, and whenever the subject of “being a woman” has come up, I’m often met with sighs, eye rolling and similar stories, of being treated differently, even badly, compared to their male peers. Two of my dear friends last year left the industry for similar reasons; smart, hardworking, team playing women, who have been met with unfair behaviour from some colleagues.

Read the entire post at VFX Soldier here.

BECTU and the VFX Branch have always taken a strong stance against sexist discrimination in the workplace and support members when situations have arisen.

Have you or someone you know in the UK VFX industry experienced sexist behaviour from management or coworkers? Let us know in the comments below.