The VFX Branch of BECTU have launched a Visual Effects Credits Petition to raise the issue with the major studios of uncredited VFX work in their films.

The online petition can be signed and shared here.

Here at, we’ve been shouting about the credits problem in VFX on specific shows in London like Star Trek Beyond and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for some time now- but it goes without saying that those are not unusual.

The problem of studios not crediting all the VFX professionals who work on their films is widespread – especially with the VFX Blockbusters.

This petition is great way for people working in Visual Effects and the VFX facilities to let the studios know that they need to do the right thing and give Visual Effects Credit Where Credit’s Due!

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  • Raj Solanki

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  • Credits Dept.

    Too many damn credits already.

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