Today London, tomorrow the world!

Something really huge regarding the VFX union here in London has just happened.

It’s a campaign we’ve been working on for months called vfxAssemble that is a completely revolutionary approach to building our union that, if it works the way we think it will, we could see the majority of people here in London joining by the end of the month!

The number one obstacle to unionisation of VFX has been fear that becoming a member will compromise ones career. Everybody says they’ll join once everyone else does. It’s a catch 22.

So here’s the deal: We have created a way for everyone to join together at the same time with no risk. If successful here in London, it will change the VFX industry around the world overnight!

If you work in VFX, recognise the problems and have always wanted to change our industry for the better then this is for you!If you always thought unionisation was out of reach… that’s all changed. Now is your chance to anonymously and safely show what you think. is a crowdsourcing idea – sort of like Kickstarter. Basically, you pledge to join the union, but nobody’s membership is activated until we reach our target of over 50%. That way, we all join the union together, overnight!

The Visual Effects industry can’t go on the way it has. We need to fix it and getting organised is the only way to save this industry we all love.

It only takes a few minutes and you only become a member if we achieve our target of over 50% of the VFX workforce here in London. Sign up today.

If we do this, we will make history and we will make VFX a stronger, more sustainable and happier industry. Let’s do this! After all, what have we got to lose?