About us

It’s widely agreed that excessive VFX overtime is a problem. It’s a problem across the whole VFX industry, and one that the VFX companies themselves have shown no serious interest in fixing. We want to change that – and with your help, we can.

Who are we?

We’re VFX workers, just like you. We’re industry veterans with many decades of combined industry experience at every major VFX studio in Soho. We’ve had enough of watching friends and co-workers get pressured into working countless hours of overtime on project after project. We think it’s time the VFX industry kicked its addiction to “crunch-time”. We think it’s time the VFX industry started treating its people properly, like the talented and hard-working individuals they are.

That’s why we’ve started the VFX branch of BECTU. We hope that you’ll join us, so that we can negotiate on your behalf and change our industry for the better.

How do we stop excessive VFX overtime?

Paying for overtime helps everyone. Workers get paid extra when something forces them to stay late, and the company is encouraged to fix the problem so that it doesn’t keep costing them money. Unfortunately, no UK VFX company pays overtime. Instead they keep asking their people to work late for free, and trust that whatever problems caused the overtime will somehow fix themselves.

Individually, we can’t change how the VFX companies treat us – but together, we can. If we can show an independent third-party that enough employees in a single team/department at a VFX company are BECTU members and agree with us, then that VFX company becomes required by UK law to negotiate with us.

If enough people agree with us that this is a problem, if enough people care about this issue to sign up and make their voice heard – then we can finally start to negotiate for the change the VFX industry and its people so badly need.

Who can join?

Everyone that works in the UK VFX industry is welcome to join us, regardless of company, or job, or nationality. Whether you’re a runner, an artist, a producer or a TD, we’d love to have you with us! If you want to see positive change in how the VFX industry treats its people, then that’s all that matters.

How do I find out more?

This site has information on how BECTU can help us and how to join, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Of course, you might have other questions you’d like to ask us in person before you decide if you want to sign up. A large number of us meet up every Thursday lunchtime from 1-2pm. During winter, we’re indoors in the food court at The Plaza, Oxford St (look for the green flag!) – if you’re curious and want to find out more about improving VFX working conditions, then grab your lunch and come and say hello!