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MPC Cuts Comp Jobs in Canada

MPC Cuts Comp Jobs in Canada It happened in London, and it’s about to happen again in Canada. We’ve heard reports that 90% of the compositing department for Montreal will be let go/have their contracts run out shrinking the Montreal

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MPC to offer absolute minimum redundancy payments?

  “Thank you to all our artists. The next round of applause is for you. You deserve it as much as we do” – Rob Legato, receiving the Visual Effects Oscar for The Jungle Book Statutory redundancy. Only statutory redundancy. Last

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7 Day Weeks at it Again

  Another show down, and it’s the same old story. We have anonymously received copies of emails encouraging long hours, seven day weeks; and citing false deadlines from one of the BIG VFX Houses. Changing Deadlines: Artists were given a

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Pensions and VFX

  ht As a VFX worker, have you ever thought about what it will be like when you reach the age of 67? Will your pension be enough for you to live on? Will your health still allow you to work

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Wanted: VFX Expert to teach at Birmingham City University

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor Film Production Technology and Film Technology & Visual Effects Salary Scale: £43,403 to £56,042 Within Birmingham City University’s School for Computing and Digital Technology, the Digital Media Technology Centre teaches BSc courses in Film Production Technology and

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