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VFX – Credit where Credit’s Due!

Give VFX professionals proper credit on the movies they help create

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MPC to offer absolute minimum redundancy payments?

¬† “Thank you to all our artists. The next round of applause is for you. You deserve it as much as we do” – Rob Legato, receiving¬†the Visual Effects Oscar for The Jungle Book Statutory redundancy. Only statutory redundancy. Last

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London’s VFX Race To The Bottom

Mass redundancy at MPC following their triumphant Oscar and BAFTA wins for The Jungle Book.

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7 Day Weeks at it Again

  Another show down, and it’s the same old story. We have anonymously received copies of emails encouraging long hours, seven day weeks; and citing false deadlines from one of the BIG VFX Houses. Changing Deadlines: Artists were given a

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