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Lunchtime meet ups

We hold an informal meet-up every Thursday lunchtime in St Anne’s churchyard on Wardour Street. This is open to absolutely anyone who wants to talk about improving VFX working conditions, whether they’re a BECTU member or not. Some people come to find out the latest news from VFX branch committee members, or to meet like-minded people that care about this (there are many of us!), or even just to see that they’re not alone in feeling frustrated and wanting to see things improve. Whatever your reason, we’d love to talk to you – grab some lunch and come say hello. Look for the green flag!

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We have a whatsapp group that we’re using to coordinate the VFX branch, manage meet-ups, etc. If you’re a BECTU member and would like to join, then come speak to us and we’ll add you to the group!

The VFX Branch Committee

We have a smaller, elected branch committee that meets privately on a regular basis to drive this forward. If you’d like to volunteer some time to help the committee or have something you’d like to discuss with us confidentially, then just come along to a lunchtime meeting and ask to speak to one of the branch committee members.