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Pensions and VFX

  ht As a VFX worker, have you ever thought about what it will be like when you reach the age of 67? Will your pension be enough for you to live on? Will your health still allow you to work

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Sausage Party and Nitrogen – an open letter

To the VFX & CG-feature communities, Many of you will have heard in the last week about working conditions on the recently-released “Sausage Party”. What started in the comments section on Cartoon Brew has now been reported by The Washington

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VFX Branch wins award!

At the BECTU National Conference over the weekend, the Visual Effects Branch was honoured with the Roger Bolton Memorial Award. It’s basically the unions “branch of the year” award and it was presented to members of the committee at the

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Discounted Union Membership for a limited time only!

     Normally, your first years membership in the union is £10 per month but for a limited time, we have a special deal: Any new members working in VFX who join the union this week (before the end of

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